Greetings, friend.

You've come to learn a bit more about me. I'm a taker of uncharted paths, follower of shiny objects, and adventurer for life. I believe in embracing joy. My curiosity prompts me to wonder how things can be approached in new and innovate ways. The phrase "that's the way it's always been" tends to make my skin crawl.

I love where human understanding and technology intersect and am always excited to see what's around the next corner. Eager to make processes streamlined and lives easier, I look to bring levity and light to all I do.


Collective Consciousness goes by many names. It is an energy that manifests in a variety of ways — some common ways it comes into focus are spirits, guides, angels, intuitive nudges, serendipity, and signs. The focusing of this universal energy looks and feels different for everyone, though at its core it  always fills you with comfort and deep knowing. What does this mean in a consulting context? While working together, I tap into the Collective Consciousness and connect with that universal energy. It is a deeper knowing than any of us possess as individuals. This guides us to the solutions that are of the utmost good for your team and your business. Think of it as standing on a stage and having someone in the wings feeding you your lines while you perform. The questions I ask your team and the solutions I present are informed by this greater knowing combined with my experience and expertise.

Intuitive Business Strategist

Some affectionately refer to me as a business psychic.